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Garmin Bounce Kids Smartwatch

Garmin has introduced the Bounce kids smartwatch with geolocation and chore tracking! Parents may find and contact their children via the LTE connection (enables phone-free texts, voice messages, and safety and tracking features) of the smartwatch, and children can communicate with pre-approved phone numbers and other Bounce smartwatches. You can communicate with your child via two-way text and voice messaging via the Garmin Jr app on your phone and always keep up with real-time location tracking. You can even set geofenced boundaries, so if your child leaves a certain location, such as school, home, or other areas, you will be immediately notified. It also tracks steps, sleep, activity and more. watch the video below

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Gatura EDC Gear Bag | Image

Gatura EDC Gear Bag

Gatura is a unique accessory brand for active people, each of their products is made by hand and has its own unique features. The Gatura EDC Gear Bag is a smartly-designed organizer for your everyday essentials. Handmade from waterproof Cordura 1000D fabric, this cool EDC item is for those who love minimalism, reliability and ease of use. It has exterior pockets for writing instruments and a notebook, along with a zippered pouch for cables, small tools, knifes...
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Hoalen is a brand devoted to creating clothing for outdoor activities and life on shores, their Explore collection is a technical range of products dedicated to all those living by the sea in the milder regions of our planet and who love exploring the coast. The collection includes a line of products for both men and women for sailing, as products for surfing and Stand up Paddling, as well as some wetsuits and sleek surfboards. Head over to their beaut...
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UVMask | Image


With powerful UV-C purification technology and capable of filtering all pollutants, pathogens, dust, and allergens, the sleek UVMask filters and purifies 99.99% of air 10x faster than you can breathe. It also includes replaceable filters, prevents your glasses from fogging up, and charges via an USB-C port...
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